As it enters and uses Casa Azul website, the User is consenting and respecting the conditions of Casa Azul Privacy Policy.
All the contents presented on this website are Casa Azul exclusive property.
It is applicable to the present Sell’s General Conditions the Portuguese law.
In the eventual absence of a two parts accord, any litigation coming from these Sell’s General Conditions will be submitted to the Portuguese tribunal.
Casa Azul commits itself to protect your privacy, turning your purchase experience as pleasant as possible. This declaration is applicable only to the Casa Azul website, regulating the collet and treatment of our costumers’ personal data.
Your data are collected for two reasons:
1st – to process your order
2nd – to provide you a better service
We will send you e-mails so you can be informed about your orders’ condition.
We will give you also the possibility to cancel the subscription of all our marketing communications.
Personal data collected by Casa Azul 

  1. E-mail address
  2. Name
  3. Address: home/workplace
  4. Telephone number
  5. Country and/or city
  6. Birth date

Casa Azul collects and uses you personal data to manage the site and to provide you all the services you asked for. Your personal data will also be used to inform you about our online new products and/or services. You can also be contacted to answer some questions in order to have your opinion about new services that could be provided.
Casa Azul doesn’t sell or offer its costumers personal data to others. However, you can be contacted by some of our partners about new offers that can possible interest you. In these cases, the personal data that identify you (name, e-mail, address, telephone number..) will never be transferred to third parties but shared with business partners which will help us to develop statistic analyses, costumers’ services or deliveries. All these partners are absolutely prohibited to use your personal data outside the purposes mentioned above, being obligated to maintain its confidentiality.
Casa Azul doesn’t reveal personal information without your specific agreement.
Casa Azul saves a register of all the pages our costumers visit inside the website to define which services or products are required the most. The collected data is used to offer segmented services to our costumers that showed be interested in specific areas of our products.
Casa Azul will just provide personal information, without your agreement, if required by law or if, in good faith, believes that it is extremely necessary:

  1. Like some laws or juridical notifications about Casa Azul or its website;
  2. To protect and defend Casa Azul’s rights and property;
  3. To act on special circumstances to protect the users of or the general public.

Casa Azul uses data collection automatic systems like cookies. A cookie is a devise that is transmitted to an Internet user’s computer disk. Although cookies don’t contain intelligible information, they permits us to link an Internet user to his personal information. Cookies are spread by our servers and nobody can access the information inside them. Only Casa Azul   has access to the information collected by cookies, collectively and anonymously, in order to optimize your services and those of this site for the user’s needs and preferences.
The acceptance of our data collection’s automatic procedures and the use of cookies are necessary to take advantage of all the services provided by this website, products’ purchase included. If you configure your browser to block or erase cookies, we couldn’t guarantee that you will have access to all of the resources and services provided by this website  (for example, your computer will not be able to show you the image of the product you are trying to purchase). We will use cookies to navigate through the catalogue, to purchase on-line and to provide services reserved to our registered users.
Casa Azul saves personal data in servers that are protected from non-authorized accesses, uses and divulgation. When personal information (such as credit card number) is provided by the purchase’s web page, it is protected by encryption assured by Protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and verified by Digicert.
Casa Azul may occasionally modify this declaration e its Privacy Policy in order to reflect the company image and our clients’ feedback. We encourage our customers to periodically review our Privacy Policy in order to be updated about how Casa Azul Protect their information.


RIGHTS GUARANTEED IN ACCORDANCE WITH REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL OF 27 APRIL 2016, DESIGNATED BY GENERAL REGULATION ON DATA PROTECTION (GDPR) All personal data obtained with the tacit consent, or those that the users of our services choose to provide for the enjoyment of them, will be considered valid for further communication under the terms defined above, and Casa Azul will retain this data, unless we inform otherwise, making use of their data processing limitation rights, opposition, forgetting (deletion) or not subject to automated decisions. If you prefer not to receive such communications, you must choose not to receive them in accordance with the law.
Following, we present below the 10 Rights established by the referred GDPR Regulation, thus ensured by this our Privacy Policy:
Right to Transparency By publishing this our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, data subjects guarantee the right to know what treatments are carried out by CASA AZUL on their data.
Right to information Holders have the right to ask the data controller for information about the type of processing their data is being subjected to. This information must be provided in writing. If the holder so requests, the information may be provided orally, provided the identity of the holder is proven by other means. For example, at the time of data collection, the data subject must be informed about the treatment to which they will be subjected. To guarantee this right, the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy.

Right of access The holders have the right to know whether or not their data are subject to treatment by CASA AZUL and if what data we have, how they are categorized or to whom we may have given them, using the means at their disposal defined in this section. Privacy policy.
Right of rectification The holder is entitled to request rectification of incorrect data and filling in incomplete data. Each rectification carried out by the controller implies the communication of this change to the entities to whom the data have been transmitted, unless such communication proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. To guarantee this Right, the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy for this.
Right to erasure (forgetfulness) Data holders have the right to request the deletion of data, which should take place without undue delay. The deletion of data is still mandatory in the following situations: when the data are no longer necessary for the purpose that motivated their collection or treatment; when the holder withdraws consent to the treatment (provided there is no other basis for such treatment); when the holder opposes the treatment and there are no prevailing legitimate interests to justify such treatment; when the data was processed illegally; to comply with a legal obligation under European Union or Member State law to which the person responsible is subject; when data were collected in the context of the provision of information society services.
The right to erase (forgetfulness) has to be reconciled with the legal obligations that the data controller must ensure with respect to official entities, which in this case overlap. For example, the duty to maintain invoices issued. To guarantee this Right, the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy for this.

Right to limitation of treatment The holder can object to the deletion of his personal data and request the limitation of his treatment (insertion of a mark in the preserved personal data to limit his treatment in the future). In this context, the holder has the right to have the responsible limit the treatment in one of the following cases: During the period in which the data protection officer validates the accuracy of the data, after contesting any inaccuracy on the part of the holder. When there is unlawful treatment and the holder opposes the deletion, he can request the use limitation. iii. When the responsible person no longer needs the data for processing, but they are required by the holder for the purposes of declaring, exercising or defending a right in a judicial process. In the event that the holder opposes the treatment under the terms of 21, paragraph 1 until it is verified that the legitimate reasons of the responsible person overlap with those of the holder. Oppose, at any time, the processing of data concerning you for marketing purposes. The controller must communicate to each recipient, to whom the data has been transmitted, any limitation of processing he has made, unless such communication proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. In all of these situations, data may be retained, but its processing can only take place with the consent of the holder, for the purposes of declaration, for the exercise or defense of a right in legal proceedings, for the defense of another natural or legal person or for reasons public interest of the European Union or the Member State. To guarantee this Right, the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy for this. Right of opposition The holder may object to the use of his data for the purpose of direct marketing. To guarantee this Right, the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy for this.
Right to notification
Data subjects must be notified or informed in cases where their personal data is being collected or processed. To this end, CASA AZUL has taken measures at the level of Viedovigilance so that, in all establishments, there is a floor plan with the cameras installed and respective orientation, as well as applying the appropriate signage, including the mandatory one. In all other acts of collecting personal data, there is, or will be, an explicit abbreviated reference for the purposes for which the data collected for each act is intended, and also the redirection to this Privacy Policy whenever the nature of the act does not allow this inclusion, or that its presence becomes materially disproportionate.
Notification of changes
CASA AZUL may regularly review this Privacy Policy. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will announce the revised policy here, through footnotes, and we will make these revisions known to all holders whose data is targeted by, or could be influenced by, these.
Right not to be subject to automated decisions
The data subject has the right to request human intervention in habitually automatic processes, such as profiling, and may require that there be human intervention in that automated process so that the decision is not taken exclusively automatically. CASA AZUL understands that your explicit consent is given when you are not opposed to the processing of data, but to guarantee this Right the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy for this purpose.
Right to portability
The data subject can request that the data be transferred to another company / entity. In these cases, in order to guarantee this Right, the holder can use the means at his disposal defined in this Privacy Policy and must expressly indicate which format to use, being that it must be a format in current use.

Casa Azul thanks you for your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you believe that Casa Azul doesn’t fulfil this declaration, please contact us by e-mail: We will evaluate your suggestion and answer you as quickly as possible.  

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